Virtual Geography

Create virtual images for decision making exercises

This boggy area in Co.Wexford Ireland, has been chosen as the site for a suprise power scheme! More details and link to map.
site of new power scheme
But should it be wind?

wind power
or nuclear?

How to:

The images are created in Photoshop Elements (or similar software) Simply use the Polygonal Lasso tool to cut out a desired feature from an image. The add it to another picture as a new layer. Change the size of the new layer to create a sense of scale. The opacity of the new layer can be adjusted allowing you to gradually fade in the new feature for added visual impact. It's a really simple idea and pupils would enjoy creating their own virtual images.
Find pictures by searching through Flickr.


Original photo by Pam Brophy (source)
Wind turbine original by 3rd Coast Chick (source)
Nuclear power station (source)