I'm very keen on getting students to explore geography through creative activities. Here is a small selection of recent work illustrating the potential of poetry for developing empathy with geographical topics.

Year 7 were asked to write a poem entitled the American Dream following a lesson on the issues of migration between Mexico and the USA


By Ella Downing Year 7

The American Dream
Just as good as it seems
Filled to the top
With the stuff of your dreams
Lots and lots of
Sweets and candy
To keep you dandy
But now what's this the
Pollution is coming
Pack your bags
You better start running
The Dreams' turned into a nightmare
nothing for the poor the weak or the Black
It's all for the rich and their cousins
Now what good's a dream like that?



by Jamie Myers  year 7

New York,
Those are the places to be.
Grand Canyon,
Those are the places to see.
I'm definitely going to that.

Strike one,
Watch him swing that bat.

Mc Donald's,
That's the food to eat.

Plane wings,
In the summer heat.

We're here,
Statue of liberty.

Yellow taxis,
That's the life for me.


After a lesson on the Indian monsoon, Joanna Lipniaka 9.7 read the following advert on the internet and wrote a  poem:


"We erect temporary monsoon sheds on hire basis.
To have extra covered space in your premises
you can order for temporary sheds.
Our sheds are built with Bamboo's, Ballies, Coirstring and tarpaulins of different qualities.
We have the experience in building sheds from 2,500 sq.ft to 300,000 sq.ft
We can also erect sheds in any part of India as per your requirements."
"Be secured under our sheds"
(Advert found on the internet)                   

Highly Esteemed Monsoon

Please come soon.
While my clients have things to cover.
Come from the Ocean with the Rain.
Wet the land just enough to make the crops grow.
Soak the land and make the rivers flow.

Rain long Monsoon,
So that my clients must cover their goods.
But not too long - don't flood the land.
Don't wash away the crops.
So that my clients have goods to cover next year.

Blow hard Monsoon.
So that my clients need my sheds.
But not too hard - don't blow my sheds down.

Be quick Monsoon.
Don't stop to play with El Nino - he's bad.
Don't stop to play with Acid Rain - he's worse.
Stay with us Monsoon, 
All Summer long. Spend your rain on us
Then come back for the Winter to dry us.                     

Link to monsoon words and pictures 


Year 9 spent a term learning about tectonic activity. Neela wrote this after watching a clip from The Living Planet.


by Neela Dolezal Year 9

          The year was 1883,
          the place a tiny island,   
          not the type with golden sands
          but volcanoes, rocks and
          Evidence of recent eruption
          had never been seen or found
          not even a slight piece of action
          not even a spark or a sound.
          it's name was Krakatoa            

          at 10.00 am sharp,
          the skies became dark,
          as the mountain showed us its power.
          The sky turned black.
          out went the sun.
          Ash blew in the wind.
          it covered the ships.
          The chamber collapsed.
          The water rushed in.
          3,0000 miles away,
          They heard the explosion.
          The island had vanished,
          gone under the sea.
          A tidal wave grew to
          100 feet high.
          It swept past the villages,
          it swept through the towns,
          took with it the people,
          the people went with it,
          they both went together,
          36,000 went with it,
          Up rose the child,
                                  A new life began.                      
          The child of

    'Anak of  Krakatoa'.



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