This page contains links to previously published material that has been saved without changes to the original HTML code. The URLs will soon become redundant, and I wanted to preserve some of my favourite examples of work from the "Cricklewood Years"


The archived web site. Rowenna's poster campaign has been saved for posterity as an extraordinary example of active citizenship.

The best of "Welcome to Geography"

The links below point to some examples of the content that originally appeared on a site I developed while Head of Geography at Hampstead School, Cricklewood, London.


Wales and Liverpool 2002
"Extreme geography measurements" Mini-glaciers in the sands of Borth. Videos recorded in the Albert Dock and poems rapped on the Granby streets. From the sublime sounds of the choir in the great Anglican Cathedral to the depressed streets of Garston and Speke. Amongst the Friday night revellers in Liverpool bars to the wild-haired locals locked in a tiny Welsh pub we extended our own geographies and learned more about ourselves and each other."

Geography by mountain bike
"When you looked down this cliff you saw a black hole that stretched as far as you could see into mud. A small water shoot like slide sat there, leading down into the mud, and I was the first to go down. I sat on the slide, and started to go down slowly, then faster and faster, until you get to the stage you don't even try and control yourself, you're just falling uncontrollably and ungracefully through mud, until you splat into this mountain of slush at the other end. It was fantastic!!"

Canary Wharf poems
Poems by 6th formers written moments after arriving at Canary Wharf

Disabled access study

"New buildings should be built with proper facilities for disabled people, but are they? It is important that everyone can access the facilities of the South Bank. We did this project with the idea that if any person cannot access a building, then it is the problem of the building and not the problem of the person."

Student's work:

Weathering animations
By 6th form students

Migration poems
Year 8 work

Geography animations
GCSE students made these river process animations

A level research
Why can't student research be published for posterity?

Illegal squatter settlement
A whole-school activity

Poems from Year 8

Teaching resources:

The Kirra Point PhotoJam illustrates longshore drift and might appeal to kids interested in surfing!

Attack of the Clone Brushes!
This PowerPoint illustrating coastal erosion could be annotated by students, or use the basic concept to create your own.

Street crime study using Aegis 3. A zip file with all you need to follow the investigation.

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