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Unfair Trade is being developed by students from a London comprehensive school.

It is a forum for young people to consider and discuss the human issues surrounding global trade. In our view, the globalised economy brings development and prosperity that is not always equally shared, and can sometimes result in the unnecessary and unjustifiable exploitation of people. Rather than merely condemn, we would like to encourage readers to contemplate the meaning of development.
The issues are complex!

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Emma Mackinder
Jamie Myers
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Thanks to everyone who has written to us with support. A selection of comments appears below:

A terrific site,dont forget the exploitations by firms of workers in this country, relocation of firms to take advantage of government grants and pay low wages JG

A fine piece of critical school geography if ever there was one. All the best Rosie

I have greatly enjoyed reading your well written and informative site. A great deal of the information is very helpful for a journalism project that I am undertaking at the moment but I would greatly appreciate any further information you could send me about Nike. Thankyou very much DF

Just wanted to say Hi and congratulate all the kids their on a great performance last night. You were all a credit to your school and teacher with the thoughtful and intelligent questions that you posed. I was impressed! Keep up the good work and the pressure. Best wishes. R

I saw the Mark Thomas Project programme and just wanted to pass on my congratulations to you and your students, who I thought were excellent!!! RJ

Set the video, saw the beginning and then the end of last nights programme! Will watch the rest tonight. Excellent! Your pupils are brilliant - you should be very proud of them! Loved the trainer designs at the end! I had not seen the programme before - good concept! Well done. K

Just writing to say how much I enjoyed watching your contribution to the mark thomas show. All of the pupils involved showed themselves to be clear thinking and fair minded individuals. What an amazing feat to get addidas to agree to a meeting with the mep - a real achievement and a very empowering experience for viewers as well as for you. I'm not entirely sure though that this was really what Blunkett had in mind when he talks about citizenship but it should be. thanks for reviving my faith in the so called 'disaffected youth'. BRILLIANT! EJ

I think what Nestle do is not just appauling but dispicable, I am a strong supporter of this website and boycott Nestle, Gap and Nike and encourage all my friends to help me. AW

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